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Now in Ireland! Kambukka is a Belgian premium brand that designs trendy drinking solutions for people on the go. Our consumers consciously choose bottles that fit their active lifestyle and personality. In that way, they can express their thirst for more – more adventures, more fun, more action. Kambukka products are so easy in use, that after a while you just can’t imagine a life without them.

Our bottles are stylish. But there’s more. Kambukka enables a smooth drinking experience with its patent pending smart product features. Just think of a lid that suits every occasion, a design that is 100% leak-proof and bottles that are very easy to clean thanks to their Snapclean® feature.


By the way, all Kambukka products are developed in-house, from the very first brainstorm to the final tests. You see, with ten years of experience under our belt, we know exactly how to meet the needs of different kinds of consumers all around the world.


Say goodbye to single-use water bottles and coffee cups, and replace them with a new, sustainable and – not unimportant – stylish alternative. Kambukka bottles last a lifetime and keep you hydrated for years and years to come. We consciously work with timeless designs and offer a wide range of durable bottles, so everyone can find a bottle that fits his lifestyle perfectly and … won’t feel the need to buy a new one.


Get your Kambukka bottle and start refilling it! With one simple act you can already reduce your environmental impact.

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